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GAME THREAD #43: Canucks vs Senators (For the last freakin’ time this season)

A win and their slim playoff hopes stay alive. A loss, and they get passed by the Senators. Meaningful hockey, Vancouver style.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into this 4 game stretch against Ottawa, it was hard not to feel a little confident for the Canucks chances. They’d just come back from a truly horrid team-wide battle with COVID, and managed to defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs twice in 3 days. So when faced with a team they’re already 5-0 against this season, why wouldn’t you assume they continue to roll?

The reason you wouldn’t, is because you’ve been following this team for more than 2 weeks, and know exactly how this would play out. They’ve lost two of the last 3, and have to play in Toronto tomorrow night, so getting a win tonight is key if they want to have confidence for tomorrow night’s battle, not to mention a chance to move 2 points closer to the Habs, depending on the outcome of their game tonight in Toronto.

And with Thatcher Demko still on the shelf, it’s not likely that they decide to give Arturs Silovs the start in either of these games, though honestly they should if for no other reason than misspelling his name on the back of his jersey the other night.

The Canucks still have a mathematical chance at the post-season, so you would hope that they can rise to the occasion tonight. Again, we’re well aware of this team’s history. But we could all use a boost right about now, and the Canucks making a run for it would definitely qualify.

Also, there’s this:

Make the bastards wait.

Go Canucks Go.