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GAME THREAD #42: Canucks vs Sens

Just When We Thought Our Goalie Controversy Was About Excess Goalies

NHL: APR 24 Senators at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last game in the whiner take all series with the Sens, we watched Holtby defeat 2 Sens goalies in one game. Sens lost Murray. And Murray’s backup was injured, so had to send in their backup’s backup, who was lit up on the only Nucks PP goal of the game. Sure, it was soft lighting, but that PP goal was key.

At least we have had an abundance of goalies.

And the Nucking Hockey Gods are fair. Ok, they’re not, but they bore easily and are quick to make the appearance of being fair.

And guess what... Canucks need him back. Now. Demmers was injured in practice and Mikey would have been the choice to backup Holtz.

Nucks luck doesn’t work that way.

So... with Demmers out and DiPietro out of reach for a week, Arturs Silovs is the backup tonight. A 20-year-old junior hockey grad who was set loose as a Moose loaner this season.

Anyhow, the Nucks went from 4 goalies to 2. Still... could be worse. And we’re not going to think about that.

We just have to stop worrying about goalies, hockey games, winning, losing and focus on the important stuff.

Tea time ruined by the league’s eastern time lords.

Go Canucks Go!