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GAME THREAD #41: Nucks Vs Sens. Again!

Try Try Again

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Vancouver Canucks
Do Over Time
Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

After reality hit us smack in the pads on Thursday, we’re ready for HNIC to up the hurt velocity to include the smartest Fedling levels in the NHL. Or something.

The good news is.... this game will be different. Greener has changed the lineup (Westy would be thrilled). Motte is back after getting concussed by covid. No, really.

Holtz gets to stop again. He’s due to watch pucks go in the Sens net. Multiple times. So are we. Losses are one thing - getting no goals in a loss is another thing - we don’t want to see ever again. Is that asking so much?

Zack is back and for his many (aggrieved) grieving followers at NM, Eddie returns to stop the Felding PK from failing more than ever before.

How excited are we to watch the rest of the season wear down our covid kids?

As tough as it seems, it’s one game less tough than it was last game, so that makes anything possible. Possibly. Maybe.

We’re about to enter uncharted territory. The undiscovered country. Alien encounters. Sorry, not that just yet. Saving Pete for the final 6 when nothing matters but Greener’s next contract.

Tonight we witness only Chapter 4 in the Covid Chronicles of Canucks Hockey. Will this be a chapter to remember or to forget?

Let’s watch and find out.

Go Canucks Go!