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Gamethread #41: Canucks vs Sens

Can the Comeback Kids Keep the Streak Going?

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

It’s back on. The biggest 4 game stretch series in this shortened stretch of the stretch.

Sure, maybe that’s a stretch, but if the Nucks want to make the season worth worrying about - hockey worries, not the viral kind - pretty much have to win all these games against the Sens.

Now that the euphoria of leaving Leafs on the L-train, the real work begins. Beating the worst team in the division. All over again. Over and over. And over and over.

And Demmers is back to take over from Holtzi. That’s good, right? MM is in because Rous is out. And Eddie is still serving his time from his crimes against Twitchy’s sensibilities and stuff. So Chatty gets another chance to carry the heavy, but very fragile Fedling stick.

It’s all to play for from here on out. Extend the win streak to 3 tonight?

Games in hand are not to be wasted. Even if game threads are.

This is the Nucks big chance to put big pressure on the Sultans of Schwartz’s, the Poobahs of Poutine, Le Habs of Fourth.

How big is this game (and the 3 after this)?

Go Canucks Go!