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Gamethread #39: Canucks vs Leafs

Some sort of version of the Canucks takes to the ice today for the first time in eons.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

So....Welcome back?

It’s been a bit. Someone in the NHL head office is sitting at their desk, giggling with glee at today’s game. Besides the usual audience that watches the CoTU team, more outside viewers will definitely turn the channel to see how this Canucks team can do while they still and recover from Covid.

I have heard more than a couple Canucks say, that once the game begins that the juices will get flowing and they should be ok. I’m not sure the body works like that. And I’m not sure how juices flowing became a sports metaphor. One person who will be stationary is Demko. The guy responsible for the long winning streak at the start of March is not ready to play. The defense is going to interesting tonight as Chatfield and Brisebois are playing

The fallout from these past three weeks will continue through the offseason. I hope that all players are able to get through the game without further health issues. Needless to say that I don’t trust the Canucks organization after blocking out journalists for the practices. I definitely don’t trust the league after the way the passed the buck on player health.

Love to see some jump from the Canucks tonight, but the fact the players are able to play is a win.

Go Canuck Players Go!