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It’s Miller Time. Not Hockey Time.

3 Weeks Off. 1 Practice. Get Back to Work!!!

Winnipeg Jets v Vancouver Canucks

The NHL is a cruel league operated by slimy money-grubbing billionaires and their weaselly minions that pits good sense and fair play against TV Violence on Ice in their Plunderdomes.

There’s also a dark side.

The darkest side is about to be revealed. Not that Canucks fans haven’t been witness to it over the past half century.

However, never before in the dubious history of NHL officials screwing over the Nucks has the league penalized the entire team all at once. The suck-it-up sweethearts at NHL Schedule Command have the Canucks pencilled-in with prejudice to play 19 games in 30 days. Including 6 back-to-back games annihilations.

Insane? Yes.

Ridiculous? Yes.

Doesn’t matter. Gary and the contract weasels have a minimum TV coverage to cover. Besides, it’s only the Canucks. Not an important Eastern Cabal team.

This Friday the Nucks are expected to return to pro level hockey with a team that hasn’t played in 3 weeks. 19 players and 6 coaches including Green were infected. This is worse than unacceptable. It’s blatant abuse. And the Nucks players have to man up and get ready to get hurt - not just on the scoreboard.

JT is out-spoken. Often plays with his mouth on his sleeve.

JT didn’t catch the catchy Covid variant, but many most of his teammates did.

“I talk to my teammates a lot, and this hasn’t been, obviously, that easy. For them to try to come back and play... it’s going to be very challenging and not very safe, if you’re asking me. And I’m sure there are other people that would agree with that.”

The NHL has often been described as the most expensive beer league in hockey. Need more than beer goggles to make this insane schedule seem playable.

“Even for me, skating a couple of times, my lungs are screaming and definitely not in game shape at all right now from sitting around and not doing much. I couldn’t imagine what these guys (who have had COVID) are going to have to go through to get back and be ready to play at a high level. We’re playing two of the best players in the entire world on Friday another one of the best teams in the league on Saturday. I never thought I’d be in this scenario in my career.

I think it’s just a little kind of crazy. I know that everybody’s got a job to do, but to expect pretty much our entire team to be ready to play on one practice and a pre-game skate is a little bit hard to comprehend. This is going to be a really tough challenge.

“It’s unfortunate that we’re even in a scenario like this but, like I keep alluding to in my mind, I guess it is our job. We have to be prepared to play. But at the same time. . . guys coming off of three weeks of rest and two weeks of having COVID, one practice isn’t even close to near enough time to come back and perform at a high level. Brutally honestly, I think that we’re going to need more time than this to come back and play hockey. Even the guys that didn’t get it, we’re not ready to play.”

Good on him for calling out the idiocy of the NHL corporate overlords. Although... would have preferred more f-bombs and some nasty stick work...

The Full Miller Presser

The useless player’s union appears to have followed in lock step with NHL HQ and obviously, the Canucks owners and management.

Let’s compare other teams that had to take a Covid-break:

  • Montreal took a week off - had 1 practice and played.
  • Minnesota was out 9 days - had a practice with a bunch of farm players and played.
  • New Jersey had a serious outbreak, took 2 weeks off, had a practice, won 2 games then enjoyed a big covid L-streak with a 2-10-2 in 18 games over 32 days. As did the Sabres, but got 3 practices and a record 18 game covid-inspired losing streak in 19 games.

But the Canucks were infected with a much nastier Covid variant. And had more players (19) and coaches (6) infected than any other team this sick season.

And have been in isolation a week longer than any other team. Thus far.

If the most important team in the CoTU had suffered a similar fate, how many practices and fewer tough games they’d have to play.

Reportedly, Deputy Daly said:

“The team wants to finish its season. We aren’t twisting arms here. Everything — including resumption date and various other critical aspects of their remaining schedule — was done entirely collaboratively and with Club input and consent.”

If true, then the Canucks management is even more incompetent that we already know. But Daly left out the part where the league probably twisted the TV revenue sharing facet a little harder.

It’s been a brutal month in BC. And now it gets worse.

Maybe Westy will start a twitter tirefire #StopTheNHLInsanity movement. Typing one character of outrage at a time using only a shot glass of rum. Without spilling a drop.

I’m a lifetime fan of the Canucks, but I despise the NHL. Now more than ever.