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Chequing in on Demko’s Contract & The Most Important Canucks’ Story

Despite all the noise, there’s only one thing that matters for the Canucks.

Winnipeg Jets v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

Let’s start things off with a little bit of self-reflection.

20 something months ago I joined Nucks Misconduct as Podcast Manager after unfamously publishing show after show after show.

One of those shows, LOW_KEY, was being produced and published on all streaming platforms all while being on a walk with my dog. The other being the oldest show in franchise history, “Silky N’ Filthy.”

Although the network has expanded, very few things have changed professionally.

I still don’t know what the f*ck Nucks Misconduct stands for, my parents’ address is still my address and the writing career is still off to a, still off to a, still off to a....

Anyways, that network will be celebrating their 572th episode in a couple of months and we want you to be there. Without our listeners, Bondi, Beggsy and I wouldn’t have become the friends we are today and for that, I’m forever grateful.

There truly is nothing better than having camaraderie with anyone who shares the same fake dreams and real nightmares as you.


It finally hit home and selfishly so, it finally slowed me down.

Sports fans are a bold cluster of people. Some — the honest ones — will spew hatred and insecurity without guilt because dammit, we’re entitled SpOrTz fan who never played ice hockey and probably got bullied because he shared a name with a kid from Colorado.

Throughout February and March, all that @kylebhawan has done with hockey content is make the city’s main attraction his personal sidewalk. That’s the same sidewalk I’d let my Borador Loki use like a filthy porta potty.

Week after week on Sippin’, the overwhelming message to the listeners I deemed valid was one that lambasted this organization as an embarrassment.

And LOOK, I’m beginning to snap out of my frustration and realize that these athletes and members of the staff are indeed real people with hearts, families and emotions.

Am I a hypocrite, or is this purely human-like behaviour?

That’s a question that doesn’t need to be answered at the moment because yeah, there’s only one thing that matters at the moment.

See You Next Week?

So let’s say the Canucks get another week “off” and let’s also say the Montreal Canadiens lose their next four games which are mushed up in a 6-day stretch, will Vancouver & the people think PlAyOfFs?

Yes and this could be the case considering nobody knows anything anymore. For me personally, predictions are just plain unbelievable.


Imagine if instead of confirming the news, the owner got the chance to break it too.

It would be a good way to stick it to his frenemies.

Never Forget

“Pouring gas on the fire”

Oh, you see the fire, Francesco?

“A Great Core Group”

But notably, not a great team.

That alongside the “if not the future” part of Horvat’s safe yet truly honest answer has me thinking about a future in hibernation but that would be impossible because...


I Want This

And I don’t even know what it means.

I Have This

Moral victories.

Demko’s Dollars

It’s this late into the piece and we’re finally going to dive into the greatest moment of the year for your Vancouver Canucks.

Thatcher Demko is a talent and a superb one, I must add, who just got paid $25 million over 5 years after starting in just 62 regular-season games.

The numbers in the previous sentence, all of them, are so fascinating. He’s been with the team full-time for close to 2 shortened seasons and hasn’t started opening night in either of them, but here is cashing in on a 6th place team in the all-Canadian division. That same team will now have close to 10 million dollars between the pipes for 2021-2022 unless the impossible can happen and Holtby is shipped in the flat cap era.

I actually haven’t seen anything similar in my entire life.

Nonetheless, the deal itself can be one of the best across the board in the NHL by the time Vancouver is regular-season relevant. According to my calculations, that could be as soon as the 2022-2023 season. This being so because this team will have fewer anchors accumulating for such a large portion of the team's budget. Yes, Loui will be out of town by then.

The deal has value due to the 25-year-old’s level of goaltending. When he’s on, he’s on. Over the past 30 something games, it feels as if Thatcher has been must-watch television in 17 of those starts.

His performances allow you to wonder what he could do with structure and depth all around him...

Anyways, the tweet below had me really thinking about my attitude moving forward with the organization and I’ve concluded that I’m at peace knowing we’re still years away from competing in meaningful games late into real-regular seasons. I guess that’s okay because dammit, it is what it is.

What Would @kylebhawan Do?

If I signed for 25 million dollars on the same night where work got canceled.....

I’d probably do the same. You know, reminisce on my path and appreciate all the big-little things life gave me up until that point.

I’d also play video games with strangers till 6 in the morning with the third Uber Eats meal of the session arriving at my door in no less than 7 minutes. Oh I can’t wait to try this new Triple-O’s breakfast sandwich...

I’m Out Of Here BUT....

If you want more from me, listen to the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40 wherever you listen to podcasts.

On last night’s episode, we were joined by Big-Daddy Beggs to discuss the latest moral victory and if I would pay $10 thousand dollars to get my dog back from those who stole him.


Are the Vancouver Canucks so bad at obtaining real victories that the NHL won’t let them make up these games?

Let us know in the comments below if this scenario exists in a pandemic campaign where meaningless games should probably be illegal at this point of the season. I guess it really does depend on what the Habs do in the next 4 games...