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Gamethread #29: Canucks vs Habs

Vanucouver tries to find a way to beat Montreal.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Vancouver Canucks

The bad news first....Montreal is back in town. They have crushed our spirits to the point that “Travis Green” and “fired” were being used in the same sentence. I think the fact he wasn’t showed that Francesco is not making any decision until after the season.

The good news.....The Canadiens have fired their coach, which means they might be playing a system that the Canucks can actually beat.

The other good news.....the Canucks looked like a hockey team without Petey.

The other bad news.....the Canucks have trouble playing like that with Petey because they expect him to do more.

The other other good news.....Demko has been great.

The other other bad news.....Loui is still a Canuck.

Sorry wrong Loui

Anyways, the season is half-way over and the Canucks have 24 points in 28 games. That means the Canucks realistically have to win 16 of the games left to get into the playoffs. They have found ways to beat almost every other team except Montreal. That can start tonight.

Go Canucks Go!