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Gamethread #28: Canucks vs Leafs

Will reality rear its ugly head tonight and crush the Canucks?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

I enjoyed the last game. I really did. I enjoyed the fact that somehow Jake read my comments about him and showed up for one game this year. Please keep in mind that I won’t ask him again....that’s just greedy.

I didn’t look at one single snippet of GMJB’s presser. Not one sound bite either. There is really is no point. The honesty we all want from this GM, just won’t appear. Imagine your boss openly called your individual work garbage. Good luck getting anything better out of you. You can say that professional athletes should be used to it, but you’re supposed to be a professional at your job as well. GMJB wants to be good at his job, he wants to win......unfortunately, he just doesn’t know how to create the type of team that can win. And when you can’t hit the “delete season” button and have to live with the results of your work...compounded year after’s can get frustrating for all.

Back to tonight....the Canucks haven’t found a way to win back to back games since January. Doing it against the Leafs would be the highest of small victories! Parades should be a Covid safe way. I hate to be the Pollyanna of the NM group, but the tonight’s only the halfway mark of the season and the Canucks still have a chance for a playoff spot. Second-half Canucks should be better than first-half Canucks....right?

Go Canucks Go!