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EXPLAINED: JB Tells Us Why Stuff Sucks

JB Master Of Media Foreplay Explains The Season So Far

2020 NHL Draft - Round 2-7
Read My Lips
Photo by Paul Albi/NHLI via Getty Images

So... umm... saving all our energy to play understand...


It’s JB’s big mid-season media explainer video conference session. Watch and learn.

JB explains to us uninformed, neophyte Nucking fans how the hockey thing works. It’s complicated. That takes [redacted] and [redacted].

Green has done a good job of adjusting. Now it’s our turn.

Look at the whole [redacted]. It’s how you look at it. It’s a [redacted]. Enjoy the [redacted].

New Deals for Pete and Huggie? We’re just going to get through the [redacted], phone [redacted] and [redacted]. In the whole [redacted].

The Big Explain:

That explains a [redacted].

It’s a [redacted] thing. With [redacted]. So, we don’t have to [redacted] about it.

Short Hand Synopsis:

We want to be competitive... but we’re gonna be short-handed on depth for a little while [redacted]...([redacted]? [redacted]?).

Also if you [redacted]... watched the entire video, please be aware that NM is not responsible for your [redacted]. And NM cannot give you those [redacted] back. Or your [redacted].

What We Learned:

Adversity is a good thing.

JB Explainer Videos are a verbal version of [redacted]. There are no [redacted] to [redacted] it.

TWO more [redacted] until the next chance at [redacted].

The Prize:

First comment to correctly guess the [redacted] count wins a Special Edition NM Trophy of [redacted]...

In this flat cap pandemic season we’re as [redacted] as ever. And as ever, JB explained the Nucks season and helped us keep our [redacted] in [redacted]*.

Thanks for clearing that up, JB.

*some disturbing words in this post have been [redacted] for the sake of editorial clarity.