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Gamthread #27: David vs Goliath vs Leafs

The Canucks welcome the Leafs to the west coast for a set of games.

Ottawa Senators v Vancouver Canucks
“ me”
Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Who loves the Canucks?

That’s right, I do....every team that beats them does. That’s a lot of love. I wish the love was reciprocated. Why can’t the Canucks love us? Why can’t they always score first? Why can’t they win a game after being down after the 1st period.....or 2nd period? Why is Jake still a Canuck?

This relationship at times seems very one-sided. The Canucks take our love and then shit the bed. And the weird thing is, I come back for more hoping things will change.

What do you think the chances are the Canucks make that big change tonight against a Leafs team that crushed the spirit of the Oilers? 1%.....0.5%.

Well, let’s hope for the best and have a couple cold ones ready in case the expected happens.

Go Canucks Go!