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Wake With Elias: 650 Makes Changes, Adds Former 1040 Hosts

Sportsnet 650 has added a number of former TSN 1040 hosts who were left jobless after Bell Media shut down the long-running station.

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Canucks News

  • Some big news in the Canucks’ media landscape, as Sportsnet 650 has added former TSN 1040 hosts Mike Halford, Jason Brough, and Karen Surman, and made some other changes to their everyday lineup:
  • In sadder news, the station parted ways with longtime hosts James Cybulski, Perry Solkowski, and Andrew Walker. One hopes they land on their feet somewhere.
  • As well, Don Taylor will be joining 650 as a regular contributor.
  • In Canucks news, here are last night’s Armies from Wyatt Arndt [The Athletic]
  • An interview with JT Miller [CanucksArmy]
  • And check out the Floorboards of Glory tournament from J Bowman and Arndt, ranking numerous esoteric Canucks moments:

Hockey News

  • NHL trade target power rankings [Sportsnet]
  • Some COVID news:
  • BIG quarantine update for Canadian NHL teams:
  • And make sure you watch this weekend for the NWHL Isobel Cup tournament: