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Gamethread #35: Canucks vs Habs

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

*full disclosure - I am writing right after J.T. Miller scored the GWG from yesterday.

NHL reffing can really be horseshit some nights. It’s great to see the Canucks win after one stupid move (why is Jake still around...oh yea, no one wants his contract), a terrible ref call with no review that led to a last minute Habs goal and a terrible non-call by the refs that led to a breakaway for the Habs. (Thank you Demko)

Now we get to do it all again. It stings that the Habs got a point, but the Canucks need to keep getting two points and they could catch Edmonton eventually. The schedule is wonky.


If you were asked how well you thought the Canucks would do after 8 games without Petey, would have thought this good?

I am shocked.

My daughter keeps asking me what’s wrong with Petey. I don’t have an answer. Do you? When he comes back, can Jake sit?

Anyways, this game is another are the next 15 games for this team.

Go Canucks Go!