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Gamethread #34: Canucks vs Canadiens

Have I said must win yet this season for the Canucks?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Look at this:

With the schedule the way it is, the only thing I can truly say is that the Canucks are 8 points behind the Oilers and 8 points up on the Senators. The rest is a crap shoot.

The other thing that is glaringly obvious is that the Canuck can never lose again.

So, today they face the Canadiens, who have basically beat the Canucks around for most the games. Yes, the Nucks have stolen a couple, but they never looked like the better team. Tyler Toffoli is having a career year playing against the Nucks, so I have a plan to stop him tonight. Someone, if a 3 or more Canucks are going to have to fight him and get him off the ice for 5 minute spans. Maybe get him a game misconduct. We’ll have a better chance if he isn’t on the ice.

Does this team ride Demko until the wheels fall off, or does Holtby get a start in these back to back games? I have my opinion but Francesco won’t hire me as coach.

Game three of the road trip tonight....need another win.

Go Canucks Go!