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Gamethread #30: Canucks vs Habs

Vancouver tries for the mini-sweep against the Habs

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t look now, but the Canucks look like a hockey team. They struggle mightily to get quality chances against a stingy Habs club, somehow Gaudette was able to get the hometown post bounce which then let Captain Bo lead them to victory in the skills competition.

It seems that Carey Price has a big target around his blocker. Not sure if he noticed, probably did though. So can Canuck shooters take advantage of that and get him cheating to his right. I would always start with shots around the head to get him thinking about not dropping so fast to the ice. Sounds good in theory.

This team has really done well defensively without Petey and I’m not sure if there is one particular thing that can explain this. It’s almost worth keeping him out of the lineup......right? I’s a joke.

The Canucks shouldn’t be watching the standings right now. All they need to do is win. The unfortunate part of this one division schedule, is when one team we need to do, does so, there is another team we need to lose that has won....or something like that.

This late start is killer for me, but the Canucks seem to do ok when I don’t get to see the game. Yell at the screen for me please.

Go Canucks Go!