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Gamethread #25: Canucks vs Jets

Canucks try for 2 wins a row in Manitoba

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Do I need to really add anything else? The coach already had far too many words is this response to a canned question. The quote should have been.....

We have to win.”

or an honest response like,

My coaching career is on life-support guys. I want to stick around long enough to see these anchor contracts leave, sorry Sutts....Loui....Eddie, and have a real shot to build a contender.”

I never really understood the part where you say a team is playing good while losing. If they were good, they would be winning, not losing.

“Good losing” is an oxymoron. Kinda like “goal-scoring Jake”.

Canucks are in Winnipeg tonight. They won there last time, so let’s hope they all the same meals they had before and get the proper nostril swabbed before the game. Superstitions are really more important than the result. Kind of like predicted shots and goals and everything else predicted. (I await your angry adv stat responses).

Will this be Jake’s last game as a Canuck? I doubt it, but I had a smile on my face for a second. Watch him actually score tonight and Twitter gets giddy because they have another excuse to drink.

Demko get the start as this is his official break-in year. The break out year comes when the Canucks get some defense.

Go Canucks Go!