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Gamethread #24: Canucks vs Oilers

Can the Canucks crush our spirits again versus the Oilers?

How many 3rd period leads can this team blow this year? According to NHL stat, the answer is 2 times. It sure feels like more after the past couple games. The Canucks haven’t won a game when trailing after the 1st period....or the 2nd, so when they start losing leads in the 3rd, we have a serious issue.

Green has to be thinking about the fact that Claude Julien’s Canadiens were 4 points up on Vancouver and had 5 games in hand......and poof! Fired. Or maybe he doesn’t because Francesco has told him that he gets the season to turn things around. The line blender at practice doesn’t suggest that. If Green had faith in his crew, then the lotto line would stay together. but even Green knows that Miller is a shit show every game for a 2-5 minute span. That’s Edler kind of territory.

I see people complaining that Marky would have stolen one of the last two games. They’re wrong of course. At this moment Marky is injured, just like he always is at some point each year. This is the year to play Demko a Juolevi a lot....get Rathbone a few games. If you want youth to succeed, they have to fail and learn to recover. Now, some will say the Oilers tried this year after year and failed. You are correct. But either the Canucks players are better as a team or they’re not. The only way we will know is when they play the games.

Next year, the GM can decide about Pearson, Sutter, Edler, Benn, Harmonic and have some money to get vets that can help the youth learn to win and rebound from losing.

I refuse to talk about the Oilers.

Go Canucks Go!