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Gamethread #23:Canucks vs Oilers

A lot has changed since the first series between Vancouver and Edmonton.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-St. Louis Blues at Vancouver Canucks Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

You know what hasn’t changed since the Canucks last faced the Oilers? I hate the Oilers.

And what’s not to hate? They are 6 points up on the Canucks and have 2 games in hands. They have two of the best players on the planet. Bastards.

The Canucks found two completely different ways to lose to a Winnipeg team that they should have beat. It’s hard to come up with different ways to say the Canucks have to win tonight. But they do.

Maybe that will be the rally cry on every gamethread for the the rest of the year.


Don’t scare the neighbors with the yelling.

I too, wait this to happen

Go Canucks Go!