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Gamethread #22: Canucks vs Jets

Canucks try to score a goal against Winnipeg and win

Winnipeg Jets v Vancouver Canucks

Two things need to be said about last game. One, the alternate jerseys are jinxed. Two, the Canucks need to stop making back up goalies look like Jacques Plante. The question that needs to be answered is, will the Canucks look for a little payback against Forbett or just try and score some goals. Some want blood.....some want restraint.

It would be nice if Hoglander went and potted a few goals and then threw a few hits. Swedes getting worked over has always been a common theme in Vancouver.

The schedule has not been kind tot he Canucks and with the wackiness of it all, it makes it hard to know how far back the Canucks are really are in the standings. Needless to say that the next 15 games are make or break for this team’s playoff chances. Beating the Jets tonight would get the confidence back up.

Sunday night hockey. Let’s Go!