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Gamethread #13: Canucks vs Montreal

Vancouver has to face Montreal again after last night’s loss.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks as a defensive unit did a lot of watching last night. I’m sure we could pick out several names and pound them into the sand. When there are multiple offenders, there might be an issue with the system being used against Montreal. It sucks. Montreal forward know exactly who to pressure with the puck and when to get to the spots as the Nucks try to break out.

Can the Canucks make some actual changes to play better or will the words “we need to execute” be uttered throughout the land. By the way, “we need to execute” means nothing is going to change, but we think we can do the same things better. Debatable.

The first line especially, is a hot mess playing against the Habs. They don’t score and get scored upon way too often.

I pray Travis Green has some tricks under his facemask to get his team to play better.

Go Canucks Go!