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Gamethread #21: Canucks vs Jets

Canucks are back at home to face the Jets.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

How about those Canucks?! The last three games for this team brings back some playoff type vibes. Players seem willing to skate hard, finish checks, forecheck and shoot the puck. I wonder why they weren’t willing to do that before?

The Canucks face a Winnipeg team that has lost a goal-scorer in Laine and gained a playmaker in Dubois. That’s a scary thought. Winnipeg already has some goal scorers and having one more guy to feed them the puck is an improvement. And this team needs to improve. The Jets are playing .500 hockey and lack the defensive intensity they had last year. Thank God he is out tonight and the Canucks just have to deal with the usually great Jets team.

The Canucks are coming off trouncing the Flames and Marky. Boeser is scoring goals, Miller is scoring goals, Benn is scoring.....wait a second. Crazy. I am still waiting for the third line to get their act together....and for Jake to get traded. But I have patience....obviously, I am a Canucks fan.

Tonight will be interesting to see which Canucks team shows up. The Jets will surely remember the last meeting and want to come out fast and hitting, the question, besides what drink will I have, will be, can the Canucks take the game to the Jets?

Go Canucks Go!