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Gamethread #20: Canucks vs Flames

Wait...another game against the Flames, but in Calgary?

NHL: Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

February has not been a nice month for the Canucks. A 1-6-1 record is a hard, cold slap in the face. This schedule is a tough one even for me as I thought the last game was the fourth in a row versus the Flames, but nope, that’s tonight. And a big shout out to the schedule maker as this game is in Calgary and then the Canucks fly back home to face Winnipeg on Friday. Stupid.

The fireworks during the last game should carryover tonight. The questions is, will the Canucks get suckered into bad penalties by Tkachuk? If Beagle and Roussel can draw him in to a skuffle or two, I would take that exchange. But J.T. Miller needs to keep his nose clean....and Edler.

It seems I have a talent for calling out a player and then having him score. But i can’t just use this power on every player, that’s just greedy. Tonight’s target is Adam Gaudette. You want to know how to get people off your back for lapses in defensive coverage? Score a couple of goals and it’s even-Steven. (spelling it even Stephan is incorrect)

Series split is the goal tonight. Scoring 7 goals would be a plus....especially against Marky.

Go Canucks Go!