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Gamethread #19: Canucks vs Flames

A series split would be nice!

NHL: FEB 13 Flames at Canucks Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hope for the best....expect the worst.

That should be the Canucks motto this year. Before this series with Calgary began, wild banshee calls of “Fire them all!” screeched through the internet. They are still there, but the last game, where the team actually played a 60 minute game, seems to have reduced the volume for the moment. If the Nucks are able to get a split with the Flames, it would go a long way to shifting the narrative in a different direction. Not sure which, but it would shift.

I have to give props to the 4th line. They skated their ass off last game and hemmed the Flames in their own end for long stretches. It showed that Jake is a 4th line guy and I don’t mean that in a bad way. He was using his speed and trying to get offence going with 2 other guys that have forgotten how to score.

Now, let’s talk about Bo. The second line of Pearson, Hogs and Bo is interesting. Nils is getting all the love, but really that line is underachieving. I get that they are getting the harder assignments, but Bo needs to get to the hash marks and start shooting. Garbage goals off rebounds are Marky’s weakness.

I am fucking right about this Bo. Aim at his head and collect the rebound and score. Friendships are for offseason.

Go Canucks Go!