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Gamethread #27: Canucks vs Bruins

Canucks try for two wins in a row at home.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Canucks have played a better first game under Bruce Boudreau? Yes, but they got off to a great start compared to the past two months. A penalty kill that kills and a power play with power.....both occurring on the same night. Weird.

I really liked that speed of the game and that the Canucks were able to transition quicker and create chances. Tonight they face Boston, who was able to get a 3rd period win against the Canucks the last time they played, as the Bruins pressured the Canucks defense with an aggressive forecheck. Bruce has seen the Bruins team many times over the years and surely has a game plan for them.....I assume.

Not much else to add, except the Canucks are realistically 12 points out of a playoff spot. (Vegas is 8 up but has 2 games in hand) The team needs to win at 3 more on this home stand. Also, someone needs to hit Marchand hard...and maybe multiple times.

Go Canucks Go!