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IT’S OVER!!! The JB/TG Era Ends Today - Or Pretty Soon

Green Fired! (Westy Smiles Again) - JB/Weisbrod Fired! - NM Smiles Again

The Benning/Green Era is Over!

We smug know-nothing-it-alls were convinced that Franny would let the Nucking drama unfold until we were too apathetic about change. Or contracts expired without finanicial interventions.

But change swept in on the winter winds - and the rumour boat of twitts.

There is no official announcement. Which in the NHL makes it as official as free shipping for Xmas.

Here’s what we know for sure (probably):

Green and Baumgartner are out. Westy will be so filled with the holiday giving spirit, he’ll be handing out free rum toddies to everyone - who knows the secret toddy code of the jungle.

The rest of us will be thrilled the Nucks will be parting with the PK coach who guided the team into the NHL history books. The really, really bad history part.

Who’s going to coach the team now? Hoped they’d get progressive - as well as save Franny millions - and let the players coach themselves. That way Myers, Miller, Pete & Bess could bench themselves with impunity.

Nope. We’re going back to school kids. Old Skool. Bruce Boudreau and Scott Walker are taking us back to the bag-skating, no selfie era.

No more laid back west coasting - Bruce will probably have Huggie smoking on the blueline and Pete forechecking like a chainsaw. Or with a chainsaw. Details are sketchy at this point.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Benning and Weisbrod are fired!

I’m not making it up. Twitter is.

It’s a miracle! Only 7 years late.

But who will replace the sleeper agent GM?

Hoped that they’d get progressive - and save Franny millions - just let the players GM themselves - big fat player contracts with little on-ice results. Oh wait... JB already did that. Never mind.

According to trusted sources, the interim front office will be:

Chris Gear, Ryan Johnson, the Sedins and Steamer. That’s not so bad.

It was the slowest Nucking news day of the year. And then it wasn’t.

The JB/Greener death march is over before March.

While Greener gave some of the best Nucking pressers in recent years, it was time for him to dazzle other fanbases with his stoic, stubborn roster deployment.

And while Benning never gave a best presser ever, his overpaying free agent characters, dodgy negotiating style and inability to express a vision for the 7 year rebuild will not be missed by many.

More actual details to follow.