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Gamethread #25: Canucks vs Pens

Canucks come home to face the Penguins...and the media

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks are 9 points out of 4th place in the division. The Canucks have won their last two games.

There....I have given you two facts.

The rest of this this will be an opinion piece.

Not much has changed in the past week, even with the wins. Boeser and Petey still look lost out these. The PK is still a hot mess. People were calling for heads to roll while this team was out on the road, but they haven’t paid attention to the owner of this team. Francesco doesn’t make quick decisions....except at lunch. FA put a lot of money into GMJB and Green and he’s a man that has had to pay severance to Torts and continue to pay Lu for years that he never played here. The media says that organization is doing its due diligence for the next hires, but the truth is that the lawyers are looking for anyway to not pay the full contracts for GMJB and Green. If they can’t find some way to save Francesco money, those two might make the whole season.

The Pens have Crosby back...and their PP is getting good again, so maybe the Canucks might want to stay out of the penalty box. Just an idea.

Fact coming up...

The Canucks need to win 4 games in this homestand to keep the playoffs a possible option this year. It’s not too early to say this.

Go Coconuts Go!