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Nucks play against themselves. And They WIN!

Always Be On The Offence

The CoTU were afraid to play the BB-Nucks or a microscopic virus. Or both. Since that sure win, the league cancelled another couple sure Nucking wins.

If it weren’t for pandemic rules, Nucks would be staring, not into the abyss, but the bright shiny lights of a double digit streak of winningness.

As well as cancelling that vivid sight, the NHL has cancelled their participation in the Olympics. Players were told on Sunday and the formal announcement will likely be delivered on Wednesday.

It sucks for those wanting to see McD and Syd winning gold for Canada. Or those who wanted to see Quinn and Demmers win Silver for the USA.

However, it is a win for NucksNation. Not just because it would be horrible if one of our core players were Shanghai’d in an isolation prison for 5 weeks or more.

It is a win for the Nucks because they can spend their time, focus and energies on making the Canucks a better team. A winning team. A lofty 500 team. And beyond.

Anyhow... back to today’s game. It was a thinking game. Bruce was thinking how the Nucks can be an even better team. I know, NM thinks about that all the time - probably over-thinks it, but we are free-thinkers. Or we over-think for free. Whatever.

Bruce had thought up some stuff, that’s highly technical and not suitable for a sport blog expose.

We can just enjoy watching our players - yes they’re our players, now that JR has let fans back in the loop - we can just enjoy the Nucks giving it their all with nothing on the line.

Garland obviously scored a hattie. On Demmers. But it was an accidental hattie and he apologized for it.

No hattie for Pears. Brock didn’t appear sorry for picking his corners tho.

Apparently a half dozen players were so pumped about the game practice they stayed on the ice for another 40 minutes while Bruce gave his post game practice presser.


Winning games and winning practices. Bruce has the players having fun. Making their own fun - by winning.

Miller with his usual festive season beer liner.

Quinn is pumped for the game practice win. And focused on more - practice game wins.

Hope you enjoyed the game practice as much as the players seemed to. Who knew a kids game played well could be fun?

Final Score? Oh right... it is a recap. The final score was astronomical. It was FUN! FUN! FUN!

With uncertainty around the league, not just about Covid, but who JR will poach to refresh his Hockey Ops department, we wish all the best to our new President. And we wish that Covid would just mutate into the monday rum flu that Westy has treated successfully with his special rum sauce.

The eradication diminishment of omicron early in the new year is probably the best we can hope for. That and the... you know... the hope for a very special spring. Enjoy the gift, as a Nucks fan, to feel hopeful again.