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From iGM to ex-iGM to Vice-President - Steamer is back

Getting Juiced - all over again

It’s that season again. The season where the Fearsome Faeries of Spiky Proteins infect the game in ways not even the refs can replicate.

The Canucks will play no more games before the Xmas break.

Sure, the streak remains unbroken. But it remains unextended too. And that sucks.

Oh well... this viral outbreak from the BruceBump gives us the space and time - lots and lots of time - to consider all the rapid changes at Nucking HQ.

If you recall from a previous edition of Nucks iGM Chronicles, Steamer our undefeated iGM was fired. That got some (all?) of us at NM pretty fired up.

How dare they fire the Steamer - with a 100% win record - just days after he assumed his rightful throne of interimness.

Not to worry. Can’t keep Stan out of the rink - even if they change the locks to his office. Instead they gave him a new, bigger office befitting his new executive position:

Vice-President, Hockey Operations

Order and Justice restored to the Nucking universe. Steamer only answers to JR. And JR only manages up.

This great news spread like a 6 game win streak across the internet. Or at least our little tiny corner of it. It’s not like this happened in the CoTU - and yes, the Nucks would have won that postponed game. We’ll just have to win it later.

Anyhow, the news was so good, we can only imagine former Canucks were calling in to offer congratulations to Stan, our new VP of Hockey Ops.

Here’s a call we recorded in fake ink.


Stay safe and enjoy the break - on-ice break - and enjoy the festive season as it unfolds at Nucking HQ and Winning Center For The Hockey Arts.

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