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Gamethread #30: Canucks vs Blue Jackets

The Canucks drive for 5 at home continues tonight

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

That’s my feeling when it comes to Canucks winning games. The more wins the better. Francesco feels the same way about profits, but maybe just maybe he is started to think about a winning team as well.

The Canucks have played some pretty good games against some good teams in the last few games and they have done what I hoped for in this home stand with 4 wins. Unfortunately the Golden Knights are 6 points ahead of the Nucks with 2 games in hand, so there is still lots of work for the Nucks to do before Jan 1. Jim Rutherford has said he will have a better idea of what this team needs by the end of January, but he is a big bald liar. He already said the team is slow and everyone knows that the right side of defense needs another piece that can skate and pass. The fourth line might need a little more speed as well.

Tonight, the Canucks close off their home stand against Columbus. The Blue Jackets are a bubble team in the East and have been trying to find consistency. They haven’t had a winning streak longer than 3 games and have a meh road record of 5-8-0.

This might be the time for Vancouver to get their 5th win in a row....right?

Why not? Why can’t they just keep winning? Demko can play the rest of the year and Petey now has his regular stick back and Myers hasn’t taken a penalty in 2 games....

All the signs are there....

Ok...I have convinced can happen.

Go Canucks Go!