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Gamethread #29: Canucks vs Hurricanes

Um...would 4 in a row be asking to much for the Canucks?

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruce Boudreau era is off to a great start. He has the team fighting for three periods and stealing some points from better teams. The schedule maker has also been kind to the Canucks as teams are playing the 2nd game of back to backs and start their backup goalies. Tonight will be the same for the Canucks as Carolina was in Edmonton last night, but this will be a real test for the Canucks as Carolina has the second best winning percentage in the league. They have great team defense and above average special teams. The Canucks can’t afford to take penalties and they have to keep the pace up.

The Canucks really did a number on themselves coming into December and realistically now need 7 wins out of the 10 remaining games to get back into contention for a wild card spot. (and back to .500 hockey)

I called out Petey for his poor shootout attempts and he came back with a nasty deke in the last game. I guess he remembered the line he coined. Changing back to a shorter stick will hopefully help him with the stick-handling aspect of his game, but now he just needs to stay on his feet more.

Sorry’s true.

4 wins in a row sounds like a very greedy thing to ask for.....but let’s do it anyways.

Go Canucks Go!