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President Making Moves Before Arriving

Rutherford shakes up Nucks Central Before Stan Can



What a week!

So many changes - in so little time. Try to keep up.

While the #BRUCEBUMP extended the streak to 3 games, the house cleaners at Nucking HQ were already on the job.

Will the new Hockey Ops President/iGM fire everyone and replace them with a group of Hurri-guin Penguin execs? We don’t know.

What we do know is that Canucks assistant general manager Chris Gear and senior director of hockey operations and analytics Jonathan Wall were fired Friday.

They were part of the group led by previous iGM, Stan Smyl, who were mandated to conduct the search for a new GM and possibly if needed, President. In the Franny/Steamer presser last Monday we were told that this process would take as much time as due diligence required.

Due diligence in hockey only takes a couple days. Turns out the search group weren’t needed.

The new President and Supreme Nucking ruler (until Fran decides otherwise) will select the next GM.

How many more heads and sticks will be rolling at Nucks HQ? Probably lots.

We can only speculate. That’s one task that not even hockey legend Jim Rutherford can take away from us. Yet.

Let us turn our ears to the sound of split second decision making as it happens.


Who’s looking forward to the TDL? The real trader Jim is back on the job.

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