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NM Investigates - using only our twisted machinations and stuff

The real fake termination call

For over 7 years, Francesco Aquilini kept the good ship GM on a steady course. While the big ship GMJB, floundered, went aground and cost millions and millions in the dry docks of FA signings, Francesco held the course.

Until this week. Then the gunnels of GMJB were flooded. Sank in less than an hour.

And almost immediately Franny hired an Interim GM - a beloved Nucks legend, the Steamer. We’re saved! Then fired the Interim GM and hired another. WTH?

A flotilla of iGMs? Is that the new Canucks coastal hockey patrol tactic?

We don’t know.

So... using the latest mock call tracking software, NM reveals the knee-jerking comic maneuvers of the new management-busting Canucks...



You were our fav iGM. This week.

Your remarkable record will not be forgotten.

Steamer has a 100% winning record, nobody can touch that. — Atty

Some have said that assigning 2 iGMs a week is excessive churn. But in these inflationary times, is it really? What do you think?