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Wake With Elias: Rutherford is In

After an apparently brief search, the Canucks have landed on Jim Rutherford as their President of Hockey Operations.

2020 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Ryan Yorgen/NHLI via Getty Images

Canucks News

  • In what has been a historic week for the franchise, Jim Rutherford — formerly of the Pittsburgh Penguins, with whom he won two Stanley Cups — has been brought in as President of Hockey Operations and interim General Manager:
  • Under Rutherford, the search for a permanent GM is thought to continue:
  • And with this news comes the end of the Stan Smyl era:
  • Iain MacIntyre on the hiring:
  • Daniel Wagner on the addition, including some important context about Rutherford’s role in a sexual assault coverup with the Penguins:
  • And a new VANCast on the unfolding Canucks situation:

Hockey News

  • Some updates from the NHL’s Board of Governors meeting:
  • Jarome Iginla’s son Tij Iginla has been drafted by the Seattle Thunderbirds:
  • The Arizona Coyotes have paid their bills and avoided eviction [CBC]
  • And some changes for the PHF rules: