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Gamethread #24: Canucks vs Senators

Can the Canucks win two is a row...can they? No really, can they do this in Ottawa.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks won last their last game and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be happy for the the win or upset that they couldn’t score more against a lousy team like Montreal. I know.....Vancouver is a lousy team as well, so I should just enjoy it.

Vancouver won’t get many better chances to win two in a row like they have tonight. Ottawa is a bad team. To be fair, their special teams are better than Vancouver. But their goaltending situation continues to a revolving door. And they don’t like to be bit.

Petey scored a goal last game....on the powerplay....on a one-timer. It’s almost cruel when he does it now, as we don’t get to see it very much anymore. Conor Garland was mentioned on another site as a potential trade piece and I stopped and said “Fuck off” my house. Needless to say that got the attention of the others in the house. Trading the guy who is scoring all the goal at this point seems.....stupid.

Last game of the road trip and some on Twitter have said this is Green’s last game. I’m not sure I believe that. Even though Jimmi pointed out how right I was....I do believe that Francesco is so cheap that he would keep GMJB and Green all year so he doesn’t have to pay any type of severance. Francesco is not a guy who has ever been about winning, so I could see him say, “Well, this season is done, so why change the personnel? Let’s wait until July.”

Last early game for a while, so let’s cheer for a win and an early night’s sleep

Go Canucks Go!