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Gamethread #13: Canucks vs Ducks

Canucks try again for 2 wins in a row at home.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

What should we start with? How about the fact J.T. Miller is the best non-Demko player on the ice for this team. He leads the team in goals (tied), assists and hits, while having a 53.9% faceoff winning pct. He is on pace for a season of 80-90 points. And he saves goals when Demko loses his blocker. If the Lotto line can find some consistency, this team might just put a run together.

Of course that leads us to the next talking point....the penalty kill.

There has to be a balance somewhere between a team that is static trying to defend and a team chasing the puck. I think will continue to be an issue with the players available for PK right now. Some take longer to know where to go before the puck gets there. Motte knows.
The Ducks come into Vancouver after winning 4 games at home against some bad teams and St Louis. That kind of streak really adds confidence to a team with some wiley vets and some young kids. Their special teams are special with the PP ranked 5th in the league and their PK ranked 9th. John Gibson consistently plays the role of “Brick wall” when faces the Canucks.

We can talk about which games will be the important ones during the year or say that every game is important, but tonight is important at this moment of the year. The Canucks need to get a streak going before they head out on the road. The Canucks need to be this divisional opponent without giving them the dreaded Bettman point. The Canucks need to close the gap within the division early on in the year.

Elias Pettersson and Bo Horvat need to have more games like the last one.

Go Canucks Go!