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Gamethread #12: Canucks vs Stars

Dallas comes into Vancouver to face a dishevelled looking Canucks team.

NHL: New York Rangers at Vancouver Canucks
A discussion over the penalty and how bad it is.
Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have thought that the absence of Brandon Sutter and Tyler Motte would have led to such a terrible showing on special teams? The trickle down effects of not having them available has created some opportunity for a player like Pods to get more 5vs5 time, but it has also led to a 67% PK. (4th worse in the league). Of course, the argument could be made that the only way to create a better overall team in the future is to get more guys out there, learning to play different roles so that when injuries hit, they can step in. Unfortunately, that means the team goes through periods like this.

No rest for the PK tonight as the Dallas Stars have a powerplay running at 24%. The bad or good thing for the Canucks, is that the Stars really haven’t found their scoring touch anywhere else. The Stars are a .500 team right now. This is the type of game the Canucks need to win in order to get some momentum before they head out to play some tough teams on the road. The Canucks special teams need to come through tonight. The firing season for coaches has begun and while logic would dictate that both Green and GMJB should be safe until the end of the year, Francesco might one day listen to people on Twitter and make a change to try and get this season rolling. (I doubt it though...not sure Francesco can read)

If the Canucks could just start winning, we all would have less to talk about.

Go Canucks Go!