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Game Preview & Gamethread #23: Canucks vs Habs

All the info and comments in one place as the Canucks head back into Canada to face the Habs

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets
Back when Petey would shoot
James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s game is the tale of two crappy teams. A Dickens classic. I am pretty sure that Montreal was in the Stanley Cup final last year....

Our friends over at Habseyesontheprize have probably over-analyzed the demise of their team, just like everyone in Vancouver has done. It seems like Montreal is a few steps ahead of the Canucks though, as they cleared out their management after a shitty start. Imagine that, the ownership realized that a shortened season that ended with a Stanley Cup final appearance, was a mirage. Ownership could have said that the injuries that the team faced was the reason, but instead they held management responsible for the whole of their work. What a novel concept....responsibility. I guess getting rid of the coach was too much.

The Canucks have the same amount of wins as the Canadiens but over the past 10 games, Montreal has 2 more than the Canucks. So I guess that makes the Canucks the underdogs in this game, I mean besides playing Montreal, where the Habs are 7-0-2 in their last 9 home games against Vancouver.

I don’t want to spend too much time writing about all the issues we have all seen over the past 10 games. Brad Marchand is a player I love to hate, but he did hit the nail on the head about the Vancouver market last night:

I give shit to a lot of players and coaches, but I am pretty sure that if I was face to face with a player, I would back anything I wrote. I’m not sure the same could be said about the people in the Twitterverse. Example: if I was to meet Petey over the next few weeks, I would ask how his wrist is. He looks hurt. He is below 3 shots per game and a lot of those shots are above the hash marks and easy for the goalie to see. I hope he finds his spot soon.

This is the spot where Kent usually puts in a death metal? anthem to pump up the blog...? I’m out. Instead, let’s put in this melancholy Counting Crows song which is foreboding for us Canucks fans,

Let’s get a win to end November.