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Gamethread #22: Canucks vs Bruins

Will the Canucks ever win again?

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I sometimes sit and think about when the Canucks will win again.

And then I look at the schedule and can’t see which team they could actually beat at this point.

I went and read Kent’s game preview and there are many things we agree on.

Like.....this team sucks. The defense is a disaster. Everyone should be fired. Now we might disagree on the timing of the firings and who should go first. I think they should have all been gone in July, but that ship has sailed.

More nails are ready to hit into the coffin of Green and GMJB as the Canucks go into Boston. The media has turned on itself and it is almost entertaining, if it wasn’t just sad to realize that our main source of team info goes through a media system that creates controversy to stay relevant. (I am not media....I am guy who writes for free with no sources)

I do find it hard to watch this team struggle. I wasn’t expecting a playoff team this year, but I sure expected some fight from this team. And for those of you who mention MacEwen, I want to remind you that he wasn’t playing that type of game under Green.

A win against the Bruins tonight shouldn’t change anything, but it sure would feel nice. Maybe we can pay for the win.

Go Canucks Go!