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Westy Was Right

That’s gotta hurt

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You know the day was coming... not just another Nucks game day - a day we dreaded even more around the NM Last Drop Lounge and Hockey Studies Center.

Here it is:


Westy had been saying for hours weeks months, possibly longer, that Nucking coach Green is not the coach for the Nucks.

Yet JB re-signed him just last season to a 2 year $5+M extension. Many in NucksNation and on the team were demanding JB re-sign Trav.

But not Westy. He’s been resolute in his belief that Green is the new orange or black or just the plain wrong coach at the right time. Or not the right coach at the wrong time. I forget.

Anyhow, this season has proved that Westy was right. And now we all have to toast to His Royal Rightness.

Drink it in!

The Proof is in the PK

At this point in the Big Gloat, best if we hear directly from the source of Non-Greening Rightness.

Westy Gloats

Westy - Green came along at the right time as Willie D was unable to get the team to play a defensive system with crappy defense. Unfortunately, Green tried to get the team to play a system that he didn’t have the players for...and a crappy defense. For a coach who spent years developing players in Utica, he had little patience for playing the youth in Vancouver. Green has a more talented team than Willie D ever had and yet has a worse winning pct. The worse thing that happened to this team was the 2020 playoffs. Those 2 playoff series wins gave the fanbase a false hope. The goalies got hot and saved the team and people assumed that the team was actually good.

I have never slammed Green the person, just his results. In the business of hockey, unfortunately you just can’t ship out the players who suck, but you can change the direction of the team with a coaching change. Now can GMJB go along with Green?

Thanks, Westy, for setting us straight. Again. And again.

Green’s record: 310 games coached over 5 seasons. 131 games won. A 0.442 record, now at 0.333 this season. Sound familiar?

Let’s assume Franny’s Nucks replace Green and all his coaches - but not Clark - he is the sacred goalie whisper. So Franny pays Trav to be a millionaire couch coach - just like us. Except for the money thing.

But... there’s the other issue outside of coaching.... a longer, more depressing, dreary issue. The GM. Beggsy has subtly posted about it:

Now that we’re more than 20 years into this century, it’s fair to wonder if this franchise is truly just cursed.

How else do you explain the fact that Jim Benning still has his job despite “leading” this team throughout of the worst stretches in franchise history?

How do you explain the fact that Benning’s tenure has lasted longer than Mike Gillis’, despite these being the Coles’ Notes on their resumes? — Beggsy

Jim Benning’s bulletproof job security is inexplicable.

Despite, Westy being RIGHT, Kent doesn’t want to hear about it - but you can read it here.

I don’t want to hear Travis Green talk anymore. I want Jim Benning to stop hiding behind press releases and pre-agreed upon questions and stand in front of reporters. And Weisbrod, too. This team is an absolute joke, and they are the ones who put it together, so why is it acceptable that we hear nothing from them? — Kent

Side Effects: 8 Year Hangovers

Frustrating is too short - too simple - too quiet a word to describe being a Nucks fan during the Benning regime.

Fortunately, regime change is underway. On a timeline that only Franny and hopefully, Mike Forde knows.

Since the last knee-jerk response to GM/Coaching change did not go so well... Not at all.

Franny’s knee-jerk response firing of Gillis/AV brought us to this horrible and freshly lost season.

Maybe the braintrust at Aqua Command Control and Micro-Managing will finally give the keys to the Nucking Kingdom - unconditionally - to real hockey smarts people - who aren’t interrupted every day with ‘input’ from the owner.

Dare To Dream!

It can’t get any worse. Except in the Nucking hockeyverse, it always can.