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GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-TWO: Canucks @ Boston- Nov 28, 2021

Watch this one be the only game the Canucks win on this Gawd-forsaken road trip.

NHL: FEB 04 Canucks at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images



4:00PM PST



It’s a little weird to see the Bruins sitting outside a playoff spot, but such is the Atlantic these days. The Bruins do have a handful of games in hand, though so it’s not as though there’s panic in Beantown at the moment. It is becoming apparent that their window might be closing for a bit, with Patrice Bergeron, David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand all not getting any younger.

That being said, this is still very much a team that can compete in the East, and if there’s a team that can be one of the rare ones to catch up after being out of the race on Thanksgiving Day, it’s the Boston Bruins.

And with the losses piling up, the Canucks are sinking further and further in the standings in the Pacific Division. Last night’s 4-1 win by the Seattle Kraken over the Florida Panthers, who are currently sitting second overall in the NHL, is just another embarrassing addition to the story that the Canucks are crafting this season. We were promised playoffs, and instead we’re watching the Canucks sitting at the bottom of the division again.

After tonight’s game, the Canucks have games against two of the four teams still below them in the standings: the Montreal Canadiens tomorrow night, and the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday. If they lose those games, there has to be some sort of response from ownership. There just has to. And the dumbest part? Even though on paper, the Canucks have no business winning this game tonight, they’re probably going to go out and absolutely light up the Bruins. You know, like the way they did the last time these teams met back in 2020 before the NHL had to pause then cancel the rest of the season?

While there will always be a measure of satisfaction in beating the Bruins while there’s members of their 2011 Cup team still on the roster, I worry a win will simply delay the inevitable and blatantly obvious changes needed in the front office of this team. And forget some of the cringe-inducing names being bandied about, there’s a legitimate potential replacement for Jim Benning available after this weekend’s resignation by Montreal’s assistant GM Scott Mellanby. It might be worth a shot, because not much could be worse apart from Dale Tallon or any of the other old boys club members we’ve been hearing about.

This is quite likely to be the week we see the Canucks fire Travis Green. There are reports that they have been given permission to speak with Claude Julien, in case you hoped that firing Green would somehow make things better, instead of Benning being allowed to add another former Bruin to continue the degradation of the fan base of this team. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Jim Benning should not be allowed to fire the coach at this point. Bring in a new GM, and let him decide. Let him make some changes. The lame duck running this ship into iceberg after iceberg is only going to make a bad situation worse.

And I don’t care what you think about Travis Green, it’s shameful that the way they’re continuing to let him be the fall guy while it’s now public they are actively looking for his replacement. Giving him yet another piss poor excuse for an NHL roster to work with, and being the only person from the brain trust of this team who stands in front of the media, it’s not right. There’s not a coach alive that can get a significantly better result from this lineup, but we’ll see that soon enough, I guess.


Not yet confirmed, but this is probably what we’ll get this afternoon from these two teams.

Halak, who has played well but is still in search of his first win as a Canuck, will go up against Linus Ullmark tonight.



We’ve featured some of the great ‘Bedroom Covers’ from the gang at Two Minutes To Late Night over the last year or so. TMTLN is a metal ‘talk show’ with guest Gwarsenio Hall (Jordan Olds) that has brought some of the biggest names in metal (and some pretty notably non-metallers, like E Street Band drummer Max Wineberg, who did a jaw-dropping drum track on a cover of the MISFITS classic ‘Earth AD’) together to do fun covers of classic pop, rock and metal tunes. This time, they took ‘Blackened’ by METALLICA, but threw in a curve ball: They did the fast parts slow and the slow parts fast. It really messes your head if you’re at all familiar with it, and guest musicians Troy Sanders (MASTODON), Doc Coyle (BAD WOLVES, ex-GOD FORBID), Nate Garrett (SPIRIT ADRIFT) and CARCASS drummer Daniel Wilding rip through this one, breathing new life into it. Check out their other videos if you enjoy this kind of stuff.

Here’s to the madness eventually stopping. Go Canucks Go. Fire Benning and Weisbrod.