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Gamethread #21: Canucks vs Blue Jackets

Canucks try to find a win in Columbus.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I missed the last game. I don’t feel bad. This team is a hot fucking mess and so I don’t feel bad about watching a team that can’t get it together in practice. We all wait for something to change. It’s amazing how bad this team has been. They have looked lost in too many games and the frustration level for individuals who have that extra level of compete is nuclear. The real question for Francesco is do you get rid of the frustrated competitors or the ones that say nothing?

The Columbus Blue Jackets are a team that struggled at the start of the year but have pulled off 7 wins in the past 10 games. They have a goalie named Elvis...which is amazing. Of course, if I was Columbus I would start Korpisalo, because the Canucks make back-ups look like Vezina contenders.

Early game might save Canuck fans from watching another loss....but not me this time.

Go Canucks Go!