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Gamethread #20: Canucks vs Pens

Canucks run away from Vancouver to try and find a win in Pittsburgh

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Big shout out to Travis Green for getting to 20 games. His team has done everything it can to get him fired, but the shadow of GMJB distracts many from the problems on the ice and in the dressing room. You would think after that last loss to a bad Chicago team that a change would come as the team headed out on the road. Instead the talk of trading players who have value floods social media. I’m not sure there is a trade available that turns this team around this year. Maybe some draft picks come the Canucks way, but I don’t trust GMJB to make that kind of trade.

The Canucks head into Pittsburgh to face a Pens team that started hot and then struggled, even after the return of Sidney Crosby. This may be a scouting game for both teams as these teams have traded assets in the past. This early game for west coast fans might be the chance for you to participate in the newest drinking game, “Penalty Kill”. Every time the Canucks kill a penalty, you drink a beer. Sobriety is almost guaranteed.

Maybe being on the road is all this team needs to get some wins which will get the media to start talking about the word that is used when a team plays well enough to play more games after the 82 first games. Francesco calls it “Profit”.

Go Canucks go!