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Gamethread #10: Canucks vs Rangers

Vancouver looks for their first home victory of the year.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at New York Rangers Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks spent all of that time and money opening night to show how Rogers Arena was rebuilt by this team full of superheroes, only to see this team lose consistently at home. The only person who wins while the team loses in Francesco.

Hey Francesco, what do you think of full arenas?

The fans on the other hand, not so happy after 3 flops. Was it me or did Travis Green look a little sad after the last game? I wonder if he sometimes just wants to say to the media, “What else can I do? I coach them...I let them play with anyone they want to on a line and they can change linemates whenever they want.”

I am not going to say tonight’s game is do or die, but I’m not sure how many more puncture wounds Green can take before the President fires the GM and Green. Wait...who is President of the team?

In past years, King Henrik would skate into town, dominate the Canucks and leave. The Rangers are a younger team now, but still have the capability to dominate this team of wayward skaters. The Rangers have 13 points in 9 games.Let us hope the Canucks remember that the puck should go fully into the other team’s net more times than in their own.

Three questions for tonight:

  1. What is a win?
  2. Why is Chiasson on the 1st PP unit?
  3. Can GMJB survive longer than Green?

A prize for the longest answer with minimal logic.

Go Canucks Go!