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Gamethread #17: Canucks vs Avs

The season continues on as the Canucks come home to face the Avs...and maybe the fans.

NHL: Preseason-Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks
Where have you gone Joe Di....I mean Petey?
Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of discontent in Canuck land. The fans, the media and Bo. It is a rare thing in Canuckland for a player to openly call out teammates. So when Bo Horvat says there are too many passengers in some games, it gets my attention because I have thought the same thing. The one thing about that comment that strikes a chord, is that some passengers have no clue where the vehicle is going and therefore can not add anything of value to the ride. Others expect the driver to get the team there and expect that they do have to do much.

A lot of us have been targeting the coach and management and the owner for the issues of this team, (me included) but in reality it lies with the players. Too many penalties, too many missed assignments and not enough people willing to take the body. Something has to change.

Tonight might be one of those games where I turn off the play-by-play and just watch and hopefully enjoy hockey for what it is. I like to write about all the happenings that surround this team, and sometimes the social media part takes over my mind. But when a team is going through a time like this, maybe it’s best just to watch hockey

Go Canucks Go!