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Gamethread #16: Canucks vs Ducks

Back to back on the road for the Canucks as they limp into Anaheim.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Not sure how to positive spin this game. The Canucks are one 7 goal against game away from a big slot machine payout. I fear that Thatcher Demko will pull Patrick Roy and ask for a trade mid game because the defense is so, so bad. On the bright side, JT Miller has 17 points in 15 games. We need to trade for a couple more of his twins.

Needless to say that every game against a division opponent is a must win and tonight is no different. The Canucks are 7 points behind the 2nd place Ducks. The season isn’t lost, but the Canucks are stepping farther off the playoff path very early in this season.

If I was to give you advice for tonight’s game, it would be —-> stay off Twitter. It’s just a place for anger.

Surround yourself with soothing sounds and a cold beverage and send happy thoughts, especially to the Canucks penalty kill.

This is the end of the road......trip for the Canucks. How about a win.....please?

Go Canucks Go!