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Gamethread #9: Canucks vs Edmonton

The Canucks take on the.....1st place Oilers?...No, wait..they are in 2nd.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Elias Pettersson admitted to pay too much attention to social media and he didn’t like some of the negative things said about him. I hope he has decided to throw his cellphone into False Creek this week. The kid is having trouble getting things going and I think a few people have noticed. It has also been pointed out that last year through eight games had only 2 points instead of the gigantic 4 points he has this year.

Did you know that in 12 career games against Edmonton, Petey has 7 points? Now you do. Maybe that means he is due since he had no points in the 1st meeting.

The Oilers have had a great start to the year, going 5-1, with that “1” being a loss to the Flyers....who the Canucks just lost as we’re equal to the Oilers!!! Except for our actual record. The Oilers have the #1 powerplay and #3 penalty kill and two guys in the the top 4 of scoring. This looks like a can of corn for Vancouver.

We are not even at game 10 and yet I feel the need to remind you that alcoholic beverages are almost a mandatory item while watching the Canucks. You are still free to yell “Fuck Edler!” when you see #23 on the ice.

Go Canucks Go!