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NUCKS SEASON REVIEW: Early Panic Edition

One Fifth of One Half Season Review



It’s been a long and grueling homestand. No one can be expected to remember all the little or big things that happen over the vast frontier that is 6 periods of Nucking homestand hockey.

Except that we lost all but one period. Ok, that’s not true - we did tie a couple periods. Just not the important periods of each game.

Some, possibly me, might say the sample size, the flood of home rink turnovers, the lowest high danger shot chance in the league is more than sufficient to jump up on the hairy back of blind panic as it squirms across Georgia St into the Straits of Doom.

But not me. I’ve just taken the NM Community Assurance Service training and I feel fine. No worries. Sure, there’s a few side effects, but so do most liquid cures.

First we can take solace that Coach G has seen the repeated pleads from NM gamethreads for the need to keep the lotto line together no matter what great or horrible things happen. For realz. Unless the Faeries have the final change.

Since it’s not the time to panic, it’s the panic-time that counts, we can move on to better times since Greener is fully (somewhat) committed to making the lotto line play great again.

I’m not here to harp on Pete’s 1 goal and 1 even-strength point this season. Nor 2 assists and 9 shots on net in the past 6 tilts. Or his difficult battle with the gravity wells inside the ROG. Nope, not harping now.

Not harping on Brock’s 1 goal or 1 assist in 5 games. Or Milsie’s single goal in 8 games and no points during the lengthy homestand.

All these (non)performance issues have been observed by all in NucksNation and all have concluded - or those available at post time - that the lotto moneypuckers need many shifts on ice, not in the blender, to blend together into a high scoring first line that we almost remember.

Brock knows what needs to be buried and when. Not just whiny fans either.

Pete takes some heat, and seems ready to shoot some back.

Don’t PANIC! Stay Positive!

If you’ve read this far, you’re going to be fine. Only a few more fan exercises (or exorcises) to jump through run away from.


#1: Focus on the process, not the results.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish - or it’s not how you win, it’s how you lose that counts

#2: Share your PANIC PASSION With Friends.

Give your friends the boot they’ve always wanted - or deserved

Together, step by step, we can heel one another.

#3: Drink Better.

Liquid Death Metal! Shiny Clean (skin-free) Hands! Barfing! It’s a trifecta of tried and true Nucking fandom.

There. Feel better? Me neither.

But don’t give up hope like the Nucks give up high danger chances. Where’s the fun in that? We know this team is better than 75% 50% 25% of the teams competing for 1st place at next year’s table of generational promise.

Nothing can cheer up NM (other than an extended Nucking win streak), but other than that, polls are positive thoughts morphed into pretend action. Polls will set you free - to lobby hard in the NM Playground of Democratic Irreverence.


How do you feel about the Nucks so far?

This poll is closed

  • 29%
    I Feel Great! Just wish the team did
    (11 votes)
  • 37%
    Fire Green! Then work your way down to the players
    (14 votes)
  • 2%
    Fire Them All! And start your way up as fancy new expansion team
    (1 vote)
  • 21%
    Too Soon to Say "I told you so" - but I told you so - pick your lotto balls now
    (8 votes)
  • 8%
    How I feel is none of you sportsblog fodder - internet polls are for the weak of opinion
    (3 votes)
37 votes total Vote Now

Enjoy the rest of the season as much as you have thus far. Or more! That’s good too.