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Gamethread #8: Canucks vs Flyers

The second meeting between these two as Vancouver tries to win both.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Does it make sense that I need a mental break from hockey by watching some hockey?

Tonight the Canucks try and get their first win at home this year against a team that they already beat. I really hope the Canucks can find themselves as a team in the next few games at home. There hasn’t been much consistency, even in their victories.

Much has been made of Petey’s struggles, so I won’t add to it. The team has been better at getting shots, but not stopping breakaways or two on ones from occurring. I won’t talk about Green and his system as the voices are getting about him on Twitter.

I will say this....November’s schedule is a tough one and getting a win tonight is crucial to staying relevant with playoff talk in December.

Yes. (If you don’t know this’re not old.)

Here are the 3 questions for tonight’s game:

  1. Can Garland pick up a third height-challenged disparaging nickname? (Midget, elf...)
  2. Can a certain Swede get the monkey off his back and play better than the average game his coach said he played last game?
  3. Pita or Roti?

Go Coconuts Go!