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Gamethread #4: Canucks vs Sabres

Canucks look to rebound on the road in Buffalo

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon! The Canucks are a team that should be a little above average if you read all the hype around this lineup. Pull out the stats that show “expected anything” and some would show you how this team can win the Stanley Cup!

And then we are shown reality. And in reality, the Canucks have lost 2 out of three games so far. The questions for me this season are:

1) will this team find a way to string multiple 60 minute games together

2) Can this team beat the teams they should Buffalo

3) Can this team beat better teams more than 30%?

4) Can they win games when one of their top 4 is not in the lineup?

We’ll see.

Today the Canucks go into Northern New York to face a Buffalo team that looks like crap on paper, but yet are 2-0. You could say that they beat two better teams already....or they found a way to beat two other crappy team. Either way they won.

Should the this game? I would hope so and all the stats would indicator so....but that’s why they play the game.

Go Canucks Go!