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Gamethread #3: Canucks vs Red Wings

Vancouver tries for two wins in a row!

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Who has the three shoutout parley on their slip? The Canucks have now come back from 2 down to get to a shootout and also lost a 2 goal lead to get to a shootout. All roads lead to the shootout.

You know, 3 out of 4 points so far ain’t that bad. You know another thing....Detroit sucks. I don’t mean the city, I mean the team. So, if you use logic.....Canucks getting points and Detroit sucking......The Canucks should get their asses kicked tonight.

Beating a team that is worse than them is something that has always been hard for the Canucks of Travis Green. If they can do that a few more times this year, I might stop asking for Travis Green to be fired.

Go Canucks Go!